Why does my boyfriend always talk over me whenever we argue?

Is it because of ego? Because he wants control or power? I hate it so much because he twists my words around.

Whenever he asks me questions, I answer him. Whether it be about who I'm talking to or what I'm doing. But when I ask him, he never answers sometimes and starts saying I'm insecure, saying he feels like he's hiding something when he isn't. I asked him what he is hiding then and he gets all defensive and talks over me.

Every argument he always talks over me. I do too sometimes but then I stop and let him finish. I really don't know what to do anymore.

I want to leave. I'm sick and tired of crying and being upset over countless arguments that shouldn't even be an argument.

He always apologizes and says he won't talk over me again and will let me finish like how I let him but he only says this when I'm leaving.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not leaving just because of this but I just want respect just like how I respect him. I don't understand why he makes it so complicated or maybe I'm the one being complicated.


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  • Sorry to say that you are the one being complicated. But your also right in this instance. He should be respecting you more by not talking over you. But you are also confusing him by demanding resolution. Just be happy being in each others arms. Screw everything els. But if you can't do that without conflict then you should probably figure something els out without asking either of you to change because it won't happen. Hope this helps doll.


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  • I think in the heat of the moment people are trying to get you to hear their opinion over your own. In the moment you think you're right and you want to go ahead and say what you need to to get it through to them that you're right. That's how it is for me at least.


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  • If you still wanna be with him, just listen to him, his opinion what matter most and what he tell you, exactly what you must do

    • That's the point I did listen to him... And when I talked, he talked over me. Everytime we argue same thing.

  • Its probably because you are wrong. Most women are.

    • Well, I mean even even when he is wrong, I still let him finish. You can't just talk over someone even when you think they are wrong. There is nothing wrong about me saying that I wasn't being insecure and am just asking why he isn't answering me. What's so wrong about asking those questions...

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