A coffee date suggested by a woman means you are in the friend zone right?

  • Ha! Yes man! You're not getting laid buddy
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  • No.. She might be super traditional, reluctant, or prude and wants to get to know ya
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  • Maybe! But a quality connection during the date could change her mind
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  • She might not drink alcohol. I happen to love coffee myself. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you've been friendzoned.


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  • Not necessarily friendzoned, just get to know her don't be too nervous or too nice agreeing with whatever she says be a man and know that she is also a human like you


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  • How can a date means you getting friendzoned

    • Women lead guys on just for ego boost

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    • You keep calling these women "easy". While there are exceptions to rules, I would say this is textbook female nature.

      When you say "easy" women, what do you mean? Are you saying that a woman that enjoys sex, empowers herself by asserting her sexual prowess, and does play games or shit test guys like a petri dish... are you saying these women should be called easy?

    • *doesnt play games

  • It is still a date

    • Wrong answer. Weve already established that its a date. But isn't it true that a woman asks a hot stud out for drinks? A woman only asks the dorky guy from accounting out for coffee. Right?

      Say you get a choice.. why would you choose a coffee date rather than a drink date? Because the guy is low value.

    • I don't think matters if it's a coffee or drinks shouldn't go that deep in it, Ofc her mind can be changed and maybe she likes him at the end of the day she still human.

    • @jyotiraditya101 thanks for your input!

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