Why do men always take women for granted?

does that mean that girls should just be prude or become players themselves or old maids? from personal experience you can ask for a man to respect you for a year and wait to get to know you before you give them the best sex of their life or know them for more than 6 yrs. and think they are someone you can trust to give yourself to and they still might cheat, flirt like crazy with other women, take you for granted, or distance themselves. What is a good beautiful girl supposed to do?


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  • Whatever you heart desires, you can't control other people, but you can make decisions for yourself and decide what you do, and maybe find someone who shares your views, its not easy but they haven't invented anythign better...


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  • This is somewhat ironic. Women take men for granted too. Most women do so more than men. All the good guys in this world, generally, are not physically attractive to women at first. Then, they get put into the friend zone. The "hot guys" who I'm assuming you go after, odds are with me on this, are jerks. Maybe the solution to your problem is to look for someone who may not look like Brad Pitt but more like the average Joe.

  • You should grow up and stop thinking so shallowly... the reason you're only around guys who take women for granted is because you're passing up the guys who don't because they aren't exciting, or not "hot", or whatever excuse you pick.

    Or keep thinking of your primary description as "beautiful", keep prioritizing the best experience you can give the other gender is "the best sex of their life", and keep going after those "exciting" club and bar guys you invariably go for.

    • I obviously don't date for sex did you miss the part where I said that I dated for a long time one time 8 months one time a year and a half and once I knew him for 6 yrs. before having sex. I like to really know the man I am giving myself to. Never go for guys in a bar only will go out like once a year and just to relax with one of my best girl friends to catch up. My point is I don't go for bad guys, guys from bars, or guys with looks. I just want respect and kindness and honesty can't find

    • An 8 month relationship is not a long one. I'm sure the guy you knew for 6 years was probably a teen when you met him and you didn't have sex til 21 or 22?

      Even if that's not the case, you're still missing the point. You're using sex as a weapon and maintaining power through it. There's absolutely nothing special about knowing someone for 6 years before you have sex with them. Until you stop seeing sex as a gift you bestow on a lowly male, you're going to keep getting used.

  • Grow up and date better men.

    Chances are you already met Mr. Right.

    But, like most women, you told him to get lost.

    • Interestingly enough I never told a guy to get lost and I do not date men for their looks at all. I actually go for intelligent conversations and the

  • I think what you meant to ask is "Why do really hot men always take women for granted?"

    I don't need to say anything, the other guys covered it already.

  • I'll assume you're talking about the bad boy/player type when you say men, as generally the nice guy has no women to take for granted. The answer is simple, miss. Put bluntly, it's because women tolerate it by not walking away.

  • This is a stereotype as not all guys are like that just like girls don't realize that it isn't true (see what I did there?) The answer is simple... Go for other types of guys... Insanity means to do the same thing over and over and believe it will have a different outcome that's the meaning of insanity by the book. If you date jerk 1 and 2 and they both end up taking you for granted then try not dating jerk 3 as it will end the same way...


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  • just keep looking for the Mr. perfect for me. there is no mr perfect out there for all are sinners and have done evil, even yourself and me.

  • guys will take a girl for granted if they can. if a girl does not inspire respect through her actions and behavior then she won't get it. in order to be walked all over, you have to lay down first. people often give signs of how they are before you really get blindsided. it happened to me.

    last guy I dated was a disrespectful jerk. I broke up with him when I had the last straw. but looking back, I see the signs he was showing me months before, I just kept giving him the benefit of the doubt, overlooked it, and never addressed it. he was the same guy he always was, I just did not look at the signs. as you go through more relationships and gain more experience you'll get better at seeing the signs of a jerk that doesn't respect you.

    my advice to you is to be cautious and guard your heart. you can have fun and enjoy a guy's company w/o letting yourself get vulnerable early on. don't hop into bed with him, just keep things light and casual and during this time evaluate his character. people show you who they are long before they sh*t on you.

    • I don't want to date anyone anymore I think:( Never had sex with a guy early on but it doesn't seem to make a difference when I've known them for so long. As far as laying down to let people walk all over you I did that once but never again. I always stand up for myself now but my boyfriend doesn't ever want to hear it he takes it all personally and says there is no hope for him he can't do anything right. He never wants to work for a solution and he makes me feel hopeless even though I love him