Low sexual satisfaction, hurting and depressing?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and we going smooth he's a nice and good guy but one big problem he's not good in bed at all. he's not even willing to improve, he ignores sex he doesn't like sex, he doesn't know how to even be romantic or do foreplays, he knows nothing. When we want to have sex all he does is gets on top of me with a lube and straddle for 1 minute and he's done. Weve never switched positions we've never tried anything new. Sometimes I try to take control and spice things up but he refuses, he just isn't good in anything relating to sex and his previous relationships failed because his exes kept sleeping with other guys and I'm sure this is the reason why. I've talked to him calmly, I've advised him, I've sat him down and talked deep with him, I've even threatened to breakup, I've done it all but nothing has changed and honestly I'm fed up. For 2 years I haven't been sexually satisfied it's not been easy. Im not a cheat I don't wanna cheat on him but this is becoming too much to handle. I don't wanna get married and start commuting adultery and I don't want to continue this way forever either so I'm asking your partner not being able to satisfy you sexually no matter what you've done to improve things is it enough to break up with him?
Low sexual satisfaction, hurting and depressing?
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