Why does this guy always respond with a thumbs up emoji?

He immediately responds with a thumbs up emoji so i just let the convo stop after it. I know he is busy so maybe that is his way to quickly acknowledge the message?
Ok maybe i should rephrase it. Its the type of message that would normally be the end of a convo so instead he always senfs a thumbs up sign. I know he has his kids today so im sure he juat is busy with them.


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  • Personally the thumbs up is my go to emoji when i have zero interest in a person or the conversation.

    Besides if I'm interested in a conversation there always other ways to end it and pick it up again like "ok, ttyl" "ok, take care for now" but the thumbs up for me means zero interest

    • Well he is definitely interested as we hang out weekly and talk a lot in public when we see each other. We also have amazing sex.

    • Maybe he's just interested because of the sex

  • That's my way to acknowledge messages. "I've read it, I've understood it" all condensed into one short, easy to understand message. I don't use it to kill conversations.

    • After seeing the update... I think I'm correct in that his usage is similar to mine.

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    • Yeah. Like an IRL thumbs up.

    • Got it.

  • It could be that either:
    A) He isn't interested
    B) Doesn't have time for a full response
    C) He isn't sure what else to say


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