Do you tend to adopt the interests of your crush?

For example:
They're super into Lord of the Rings, so you watch all the movies and start to read the books.
Or they're super into mixed martial arts, so you read up on what's happening in that world.
Or they really like grunge music, so you listen to all the grunge you can find.

It's not that you're faking interest in these things- You genuinely want to understand why he/she is so passionate about XYZ and you're hoping to share in that passion.

I think I've done this before and I'm wondering if that's a good or bad thing. Is it somewhat deceitful to be extra excited about some topic that you aren't really all that well-versed in?

I'm not sure if any of you guys have seen 27 Dresses- It's a pretty terrible romantic comedy movie. One of the characters likes a guy sososo much she basically pretends to have the same exact interests so that he will like her back. There was a lot of drama when he found out what was going on, but I also think he was somewhat flattered by how much she wanted him to like her back. Anyways, share your thoughts!
Do you tend to adopt the interests of your crush?
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