How long should I wait to text him after a hookup?

we had sex the same day we met and he an awesome guy I'd like to get to know but I don't want to seem clingy or creepy


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  • You could call the following day, or 2-3 days. Whatever floats your boat.

    In my view, there is no rule to contacting each other. As long as you don't text him like crazy. You have your own independent life to live, so do your own things, then call him once when you have a chance saying 'hey, how are you?' and leave it like that. If he gives no response, send him another text in 2 days asking 'haven't heard from you, text me back sometime'.

    The longer he avoids texting back, then he's blowing his own chance of this opportunity to keep in contact with ya. Or perhaps he took it as a one-night stand deal and doesn't care to contact you back, if ever again.

    Don't fret it. Just show him the interest by texting him and see if he responds.

  • He's the guy. Let him get in touch with you. Otherwise, find a new one. ;)


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