Why do women complain about men "following" their biological instincts when women do the same?

I feel like men get a lot more ugly stares for being open about and following their biological instincts.
For example if a guy says he wants to date a woman with curves, wide hips, big butt he's labelled a perv.
If a 40 year old guy gets divorced and gets a 22 year old girlfriend he will be labelled a creep that pervs on younger girls by same aged women.
This is just a matter of a man following his biological instincts. Why would a man date a 40 years old date a woman with wrinkles when he can have a young, smooth, sexy 22 year old?

Women have zero rights to complain about these things because they also follow their instincts.

Don't women have height requirements? Wouldn't most women pick a 6'2, wide framed man with big hands over a 5'2, skinny dude because they want to feel small and protected? Its them following their instincts, and its perfectly fine.

What's not fine is them giving men crap for doing the same.


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  • Women get the same complaints too. The reason you don't know is because you are not a woman. Plain and simple.

    Personally, I don't have a weight or height requirement. Since I am short, height isn't exactly an issue for me.

    And the reason why people make fun of the old man and younger woman is because we know it is a temporary thing or the man is rich enough to have the girl around. I have literally seen this. Old man in his 50's flaunting around a 20 something year old and they will go steady for maybe 6 months. His girlfriend who is in her late 30's has been the only female to stay on for years.

    And before you ask, yes, he is a poly.

    • That's preconception!
      Have seen both ways there the older haven't been loaded. relationships that are more than 10 years and still going.

    • @crazy8000 So if they are 10 years and still going, was the kid like 12 when she started dating a 40 year old?

    • Where did you get she was 12 year's from?
      in one of the couple's I know, she is much older than him.

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  • If I was you, I would stop listening to those that say this since they are the world's problem to create jealous hate hypocrisy. (they have attitude problems)
    Their point if view have no value!


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  • Ah, the famous double standards. What rock have you been hiding under? This was a hot topic two year's ago.

    You're not wrong, This is a thing. And considering the fact that it is biological, and thus cannot be helped, as you yourself just stated, why bother posting this?

  • Happens both ways, by minorities. Don't blow these things into big messes like you are, that's why it happens more and more.

  • Yes women love their double standards.

    Men aren't allowed to select women based on physical traits, but women are.

    Men aren't allowed to demand traditional gender roles in dating, but women can.

  • Okay buddy. I suggest getting some actual hobbies so you won't need to post bitter rants.

  • Despite the supposed "patriarchy" society is designed by and for women.


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