Why is it bad when a guy is a virgin hunter?

I saw that saying a lot. It’s when a guy doesn’t want a girl who has slept around a lot.

Why do do women always get triggered when men have preferences...

while they have slept with over 50 people and have had threesomes. And it’s always the same thing they say, “it’s the past and it shouldn’t matter”.

Im sorry but it does. And it says a lot about who you are. People can have preferences and can think people like that are disgusting. It’s not for you to decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

This isn't mainly about women also, so don’t start with the sexist bs. It’s disgusting when they both do it. And YES IT MATTERS EVEN IF ITS IN THE PAST.

Yes i I prefer a virgin and the highest body count she must have would be 2 people. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just like how you feel like fucking a whole load of people is fine and threesomes because owe “exploring” n all that disgust.

Thank you for reading


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  • I think you’re misinterpreting the term “virgin hunter” - which means more of a person seeking out virgins to be their first, using them and dumping them.

    Looking for someone with similar sexual values is fine. Being a hypocrite is douchey and misleading virgins to laugh at their emotional pain is evil.

    • Honestly that’s what I wanna do now.

      I wanna ruin girls

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  • They wanted a life with a lot of men, you prefer girls who only had really few partners. Everyone have their own moral value. Let those kind of girl at peace without trash talking about them and don't let them trash talk about you.

    • That’s fine. But we all see it. As soon as someone says they have a problem with someone’s past or they prefer someone who hasn’t gotten fucked by everyone, suddenly he’s insecure and all these stupid women start defending whore behaviour because “it’s in the past” and blablabla. Bs

    • I know but just content yourself to ignore them. Act like you would like them act toward you. Be smarter than them

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  • So you've had sex with multiple women... but think it's gross and terrible if a woman has slept with multiple people? Yeah you're the problem

    • When the fuck did I say I did. You moron. I’m a virgin

  • No one usually criticize inexperienced person wantin inexperienced partner. They usually judge the guys who sleep around wanting inexperienced woman, because that hypocrisy.

    • That’s false. You see it countless times on here also.

      Or maybe it’s something of the recent past.

  • I think most of the hate has to do with the hypocrisy. Typically these virgin hunters aren’t even virgins themselves.

    • Yup that’s me. Sorry

      Are you a virgin?

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    • Okay. Sorry I assumed.

      Good luck and name one kid after me

    • We’ll see lol

  • Because he is never going to have sex with any girl twice. He's basically a predator, seeking to steal the cherries of as many virgins as possible. On one hand, he's not likely to catch any diseases from virgins, but he could get them pregnant. Will he care for that child? Nope.

  • If you're just hunting them for the opportunity to pop as many as you can, that's probably not good. But if you're looking for something long-term, then a virgin is the only thing to go for. As the saying goes, no hymen- no diamond.

  • If you do not think it is 'bad', or more pointing to hypocrisy- why not put your name to this. Rather than choosing to go 'anon'?

    • Wanna fight?

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    • Just responding to you. I even sent you a warning by saying 'on your bike'

      Never wise to pull a tiger out of the bushes by the tail. Like you have with me. For it is likely that you will get clawed

    • I don’t have a bike sir.

      It’s too cold to be riding bikes, sir.

      Okay I think we got off on the wrong foot. I apologize sir.

  • Virginity as sexual interest is old fashioned behaviour with no rational reason

    • Rational? So you’d have no issue being with someone who has been fed cock up to their heads...


    • Then explain with reason why it should be a bad thing if the girl is experienced, ane you probably don't know the meaning of cuck

  • Cause that's fucked

    • Lol how? Come on 17 yr old. Tell me how much you know about life

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    • Well yeah cause he's doin a hump and dump with virgins

    • If your aim for starting the relationship only with virgins, you could interpret it as somewhat Virgin hunter like. But it wouldn't apply if it's not repeated behavior

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