Why is it bad when a guy is a virgin hunter?

I saw that saying a lot. It’s when a guy doesn’t want a girl who has slept around a lot.

Why do do women always get triggered when men have preferences...

while they have slept with over 50 people and have had threesomes. And it’s always the same thing they say, “it’s the past and it shouldn’t matter”.

Im sorry but it does. And it says a lot about who you are. People can have preferences and can think people like that are disgusting. It’s not for you to decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

This isn't mainly about women also, so don’t start with the sexist bs. It’s disgusting when they both do it. And YES IT MATTERS EVEN IF ITS IN THE PAST.

Yes i I prefer a virgin and the highest body count she must have would be 2 people. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just like how you feel like fucking a whole load of people is fine and threesomes because owe “exploring” n all that disgust.

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Why is it bad when a guy is a virgin hunter?
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