After one night stand, how I should react?

In my life, I had couple of one night stands frankly. But I never had this 'drunken' one night stand with someone I know and I really don't know how to react and really want to get a little sense of what's going on in his mind.

We are just classmates (post undergrad), not knowing anything about each other but names and just some background. About a week ago, I woke up at his place! I completely blacked out and remember probably 60-70% of it. I know this is my 'mistake', but I have been feeling somethings going on between him and me before this one night stand 'incident'. (so frequent eye contact and just gut feeling) The reason why we ended up with his place is probably we had some sort of flings between us, I think.

Anyway, after that night I came home without knowing his number and I'm pretty sure he does not know my number. The thing is.. because we are classmates, I should see him everyday! I've been feeling awkwardness, furthermore, I'm worrying about he would regard me as 'easy' girl.

Honestly, I have been expecting either text or personal contact, but neither I have received. In some way, I'm relieved that he did not try to be close to me in some way, but I'm more than angry that he even not try anything with me. Both of us are adults, so I can handle this, but deep in mind it really BOTHERS me. I tried not to think about it like never happened but I cannot make something happened to nothing. I can feel unspoken awkwardness going on between him and me.

What the hell is in his mind? I have believed that even accidental sex will occur when both of men and women have fling each other. I'm pretty sure that he would not have one night stand with me without any fling. But I really want to know what's going on his mind! I really want to know how I should react on this.!

Can you get me any hint? @.@


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  • Hi!

    Alot f folks may attempt to decipher and use some sort of telepathy to figure out what 'he is thinking'. In my opinion? It's all bunk! Nobody knows what another person is thinking unless they ask him. Period. Now on to what you should do? Act like an adult as you already stated. Talk to the man. It doesn't even have to be about that night. Act like the night never even happened. Talk about the weather, how your weekend was, etc. You will get all the answers you need if you folow those steps because then the awkward feelings will have subsided and you two can feel comfortable around each other just like you did before you had sex. Look.. IT'S JUST SEX! It's natural. Nothing more nothing less. When you see him repeat that in your head. Now if you like the guy and want to get to know him then do that. But I would avoid talking about that night. You don't need things to be awkward between the two of you. Akwardness leads to the two of you not speaking. I gurantee it. Just roll with it sweetie and things will become very clear to you in a very short time. I gurantee it!

    Best of luck! ;)

    • Hi, thank you for your comment.

      Updated situation here. -I became kinda OK about my situation, but I happen to spend another night with him again! This time I clearly remember every bit of every detail. At least, I could get out of awkwardness but still I don't know he wants me or not. I'm kind of in the middle and if he pulls me I feel like I'm gonna follow, but.. he still does not contact me in person. Should I have to hold here or to contact him first casually?

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  • It's possible he feels the same way you do. "Man, what happened? How did I end up in bed with her? I wonder if she wants me to talk to her about it.. but maybe I should just leave her alone?" It could go either way, it's possible he really likes you and is afraid to say anything because he doesn't know if you do, or he could have thought of it as just sex and doesn't want anything more. Your best bet if you want to know how he feels is.. pluck up the courage and ask him! If this was recent he may do it after a while after he collects his thoughts, but you can make the first move. As long as you respect yourself and understand that it might not have meant anything to him (or might have meant more to him than it did to you) you should be fine and feel better after hearing whatever he has to say. Just remember that he has feelings and worries too and he'll probably be feeling as awkward about it as you are. Be patient with him and trust yourself.

  • Both of you regretted that night , I agree @BowChickaBowwow You continue to talk to him like that night has't occurred... Then You will learn the truth..

    • Hey, thank you for your comment ;-)

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  • yes I thinnk this type of thing has happend to most people through there life at some point well I think his silence is the same as yours he's wondering the very same as you so you need to speak to him what's he done or said since talk say hi would you like to go to see a film aat the weekend just like that smile be nice if he says yes your in there if not no good luck

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