Are hiccups cute to guys?

The other day I was video chatting with my boyfriend and got a bad case of hiccups. I was trying to tell him a funny story that happened to me and I kept being interrupted by the hiccups. I was getting exasperated by it and he just died laughing and was like "Relax, babe. It's no big deal. Just drink some water." We spent the entire video chat trying to cure me of hiccups and I did a lot of the remedies he suggested which he found even more amusing lol. We ended up closing because I was getting so fed up and a while later he texted me with "How are the hiccups coming? LOL 😂" Why did he find it so amusing? Lol :) Guys do you think it's cute when girls get frustrated or get the hiccups?
Are hiccups cute to guys?
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