Sweating palms on first date, is she thinking I'm a freak now?

I've had a secret crush on this woman for months and I finally went out on a date with just me and her. I was so nervous of screwing up and so excited at the same time that the palms of my hands were a sweaty mess nearly the whole time. While we were sitting next to each other watching a movie she reached over and grabbed my hand which of course was sweating. I felt really self conscious about it and pulled my hand away after about 30 seconds to grab another piece of candy which we had been eating and then didn't put my hand back near hers.

Women, what would be going through your head if that happened to you on a date?

Please don't just try to be nice to make me feel better, just tell me what you would really be thinking.


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  • If I really was attracted to you, I would be fine knowing you had sweaty palms. If I wasn't so in to you, well the sweaty palms combined with the fact you did not want to hold my hand would be a turn off.

    I suggest a dinner date next time. Movie dates are crummy because you are not even getting to know each other, you are sitting watching a movie. With a dinner date you get to talk and she is less likely to grab your hand.

    • Thanks for your honesty and the suggestion.

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  • well on my first date with my ex we went to the movies and I grabbed his hands. his hands were sweaty. I thought it was kinda funny so I was like "your hands are sweaty" which is something I probably shouldn't have said. I think it kinda embarrassed him lol cause he pulled his hand away. but I thought it was cute. I grabbed his hand back to reassure him that I did not care

    • Thanks for answering. I wish she would have done that to me, it would have made me feel a lot more comfortable.

  • honestly? I wouldn't be thinking about how sweaty your hand was when I grabbed it, id just be happy to be there with you. and if you pulled your hand away from mine to grab more candy then didn't hold my hand again id think you werent interested in me. your sweaty palms wouldn't even phase me, id still like you and it shouldn't her either if she really cares about you. don't feel so worried about how you look -if she likes you then she likes you whether you had sweaty hands or not.[:

    • Good point. I guess I better let her know I'm still interested in her as more than a friend somehow. Thanks.

  • well I have sweaty palms too , but as a girl I think it's more embarrassing for a girl than a guy to have sweaty palms , but I made a decision : when I date someone , I'll tell him the truth and just let him know that I have this problem , if he accepted me as " me " then he worth it, and if he doesn't so he's not worth it , because if he really loves me , I think he wouldn't care so much about that , I do care and you dude do care because we have the problem , and most probably it's not that big when you look at it from others perspective , so just tell her and let her know that you like her :)

    PS : I know it's late; I see your question was over a year ago but I just wanted to share my opinion


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