Why does my ex boyfriend want me to help him move?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4months ago
We are still "friends" since we both decided to still keep in touch every week and still hang out every week (to movie, dinner, etc)
So anyway, recently he has been having dramas with his female housemate
he's been telling me about how she's been sleeping around with different guys and bringing different guys home
And now she's pregnant
And she told him that she has a lump under her breast
So 2 weeks ago she decided to become religious and started wearing a hijab (since she's muslim)
And now she wants to kick him out because she can't live with a male anymore
He got pissed off over this but luckily he got a place to move in
So then today he messaged me:
Him - aye can u help me escape lol?
Me - what do you mean?
Him - come help me move and decorate please lol, i will shout you food, any food you want
Me - lmao ok
Him - you can't reject food cmon 😛😛 but if you can't its all good
Me - lol when?
Him - im moving in 2 days so this weekend
Me - lol ok
Him - ok thanks will let u know

Why does he want me to help him move?
Why does my ex boyfriend want me to help him move?
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