He's busy but says we should hang out some other time..that's good RIGHT?!

I really went out on a limb to ask this guy to hang out with me. Unfortunately he's busy but we exchanged numbers and he said we should hang when he's not busy...that a good sign isn't it? like he's probably interested, right?


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  • It's a good sign. Though I wouldn't say you wait for him to come to you, there's no problem if you call him, though don't go crazy and keep doing it if he doesn't answer. Other than that, let things develop nice and slowly, no sense jumping in to a relationship.

    • Yeah, I kinda wanted to hang out with him to see if I like him...because there's totally an attraction there. the problem is though that he is super shy

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  • Yup, it is a good sign. But, whatever you do, DO NOT call him or constantly ask him about it. LEt him, come to you. Have you ever had a guy constantly harass you about hooking up or doing something, to the point where he's gotten so annoying you couldn't give a sh*t? It's the same thing.

    • Oh darlin' I know. Haha, I'm so good about not being annoying...it almost gets me in trouble.

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  • It's a good signt \hat you guys exchanged numbers. I would just make sure the next time he contacts you, make sure he gets the impression that you are also busy and have stuff going on. Like if he asks if Friday works, say you are busy but another day would work for you. Having your own interests and stuff going on is attractive to men.

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