I thought he liked me, but was wrong?

I have known this guy for a very long time. And he told me he loves me and has for months and I have told him that too, but today I found out he would prefer to date my friend because she has a hotter body and big boobs oh and cause he seen her boobs, ages ago. I would never flash to a guy. I feel worthless and ugly. I guess what I felt wasn't love it was lust, and I thought he was my first love but I am glad I was wrong. I told me him I deserve better than. I believe in love not childish games because love isn't a game. Any-one with similar or worse issues?


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  • Remember one thing is telling you I love you, and another thing is showing you I love you, to the fullest. It seems like he was'nt worth your time, because your far more better then that. But be wise ms, sometimes things are not what they appear to be. You seem like a good girl, take it from experience and don't believe too much into what some guys might tell you, without actually truly proving themselves to you. Good luck with everything there and take care there.


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