Help I have a boyfriend but I have a crush on another man 😪 ?

Hi im 18 and i have a boyfriend of 3 years im in love with but we haven't seen eachother since December 30th of 2017 a day before new years eve last month a met another man since my working boyfriend been away my man been working so i can move in with him and we start our family together so this guy that works at the store where i get my clothes from likes me im starting to like him or the attention he gives me since my man isn't around oftend but the problem is the guy wants me to cheat on my man and leave my man who suffers from epilepsy i told him no my man loves me and i love him too sometimes me and the guy would text on the phone but we dont talk anymore after i told him about me and my man love history and i feel guilty about talking to the guy about how much i like him i think im drifting away from my man of 3 much years how do i bring the fire back i really want to make love with my man and go on dates but we can't since i got college and he has a low paying job where he needs the money and he working on getting a new house so we can expanded in case we have a family together we want another baby since i miscarried the first time

What should i do
Help I have a boyfriend but I have a crush on another man 😪 ?
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