Advice on dating a 19 year old?

So, this girl and I met at school last year and had a few dates, and then didn't see each other for the summer, and upon coming back we went out again and agreed we are on date #2 or 3 or so. I'm in grad school and am 26, she is 19 and doing her undergrad.

My question regards her age and experience, and what to expect and what to watch out for. The age difference isn't a big deal for us, but I want to make sure I'm somewhat in tune with the mentality at that age.

From all of your expert opinions and experiences, what do I need to know here? I'm looking for this to work out long term.

Oh, she also hasn't kissed anyone and had one sort-of boyfriend last year but they just hung out and not much else.

Thanks for any pointers.

She's not the party type so that helps. Thanks for the answers so far. :)


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  • Well it depends, how well do you know her? I'm 19 but I'm more mature than a lot of 19 year old girls in the fact I don't sleep around, party a lot, or play games.just to toot my own horn a little.

    I think at 19, you're just starting to come into your own generally speaking, and you both are at college so you have that in common. Our "mentality" isn't much different other than I don't like being considered as a "child" anymore since I can make my own decisions, pay my bills, and vote. I think Obscene had a point however, when he said you can't take her to bars. That might affect you if you're a bar hopper night on the town type of guy, but if you don't do that and it sounds like your girl isn't a big partier either, then I doubt you'll have any problems.


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  • what can you do with her?

    you can't take her to bars or clubs or anything, unless you want to take a 3-4 hour drive to Canada

    you'll want to do lots of things she's not allowed to do yet unless you go up there, and it's pretty cold up there :p

    I'd suggest you try and find somebody at least 22 and not at an undergrad at your school

    and she's an undergrad and you're a grad-student?

    I hope you're not her TA!

    that could get you expelled

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