Bros before hoes? is there really no exception to this rule??

so about a year ago, my friend of five years started dating this girl. when he introduced me to her, I thought she was beautiful, and we seemed to click right away. in fact, I was pretty sure she was kinda into me, but we never acted on it because of course, she was with my buddy. anyway, I went out of town for about 6 months and when I came back my friend and I kicked it. we got into an argument, and we stopped talking for about 3 months. but then one night I ran into this girl, and she told me they were no longer together. so we talked for a bit but no biggie. however, I ran into her again, and she was with her friends, and they invited me to drink with them at their table and I agreed. that night, we hung out till 4 in the morning, and started talking a lot since then. finally, we came to the conclusion that we were pretty much really into each other, but the complication of course being that she's my friends ex. it turns out theyd only been broken up for about a month. is it wrong to pursue a relationship with her?

before people start judging however, id like to make a few things clear. they only dated for about 10 months, during which they broke up three times. first because he broke up with her for no apparent reason, second because he was treating her like crap a lot, and third because my friend called this girl by his ex's name three times during sex. I take from this, apparently he was not that into her and I know for a fact he's still hung up on his ex (his baby's momma).

anyway, this girl and i, we really really connect. she told me that since she first saw me, she kinda was into me, and that what is happening now is genuine and not out of spite, which I believe because she is a really sweet girl. she also told me that she would always ask my buddy about me, and that he often asked her why she acted like me so much. in other words, this girl and I are really compatible and what I feel for her is genuine and not just a sexual attraction. so my question is, what's the best thing to do? ask my friend for permission )in due time of course, maybe in like two or three months (if this girl and I still have something going by then) or should I just forget the whole thing ever happened?

any advice would be great because I'm really caught between a girl I really like and a friend I feel I owe loyalty too. aghhh what to doo?!?!?


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  • No exceptions. There are thousands of chicks,but you only have a few good bros.

    • but what if I just ask him if he minds I start talking to her? I mean if it were the other way around , I would feel awkward at first but I think I could understand especially if it was just a fling with that girl? besides, the situation is not uncommon?

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    • So if the bro is a racist and thinks I shouldn't date her because she is black or something but he isn't saying anything directly, then what?

    • That's not bros before hos. Bros before hos covers romantic feelings, not racism or just disliking someone.

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  • You can be bros with any guy but you can only marry one girl or date one girl really. Tell your broski to grow a pair and let you date his friend.

  • There def is an exception to the rule