Do guys ever regret rejecting/friendzoning a girl?

I've been friendzoned twice before and I wonder at times if these men will ever have any regrets. They rejected me romantically because they had no romantic chemistry feelings, but they loved me so much as a person that they made me their best friends. However, they led me on and broke my heart. I initially briefly dated them, but then they friendzoned me for a long time until I walked out.

I was a good woman and helped them out and lifted them out of their struggle, but I should of walked away sooner to avoid the pain and heartbreak.

They didn't want to loose me, but eventually I walked out because it was too painful... I love very deeply. They hurted when I left, but it was becoming emotionally unhealthy. Not that I would go back to them because I wanna move on, but it's painful at times to look back and reflect these men took me for granted and took advantage and made me fall for them... it's a long story...

Have any guys ever changed their minds or regret rejecting a female friend romantically? Is it possible to see a best friend in a different light... for platonic feelings to become romantic feelings?

Rejection really hurts, especially if it wasn't in a nice way. Any personal stories would be appreciate it.
Do guys ever regret rejecting/friendzoning a girl?
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