Am I a “homie hopper”?

I had this makeout buddy... we’ll call him a “friendly friend” that I would hang with all the time (ps we never did anything beyond makeout) and one night we went to the club with all our friends. Where they
Introduced me to this guy and left me with him while they all went to the bathroom. He got my Snapchat and my friends came back and I spent the rest of the night hanging with them and my “friendly friend”.

One of of friends got really drunk and kissed me. I pushed him off of me. And it prompted me to talk to my friendly friend and kind of define the relationship. We never talked about being exclusive and I needed to know if I should feel bad for what happened. He told me he wasn’t jealous and that we are just having fun and hanging out. We like each other sure but he is not in a position where he feel alike he can commit to anything rn. Which was fine with me

The guy I met hit me up and asked tobhabgout. We spent basically the entire weekend and into the week hanging out and going to clubs and just chilling. We kinda really started to like each other but because of a difference in religion I decided that i wouldn’t rather not be in a committed relationship with him because it’s somethjng that is very important to me.

This guy then turns around and tells me that if I go back to hanging out with my friendly friend then I’m a homie hopper. But they are only acquaintances and he was the one who came and “swooped in” when he knew I was kinda with that guy. Come to find out he says that my friendly friend basically passed me off to him and told him to go for it. Yet somehow IM the homie hopper?
This doesn’t make sense to me.
Am I a “homie hopper”?
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