I like hanging out with you... what does this mean?

Texting a guy friend of mine who I recently slept with... I ask him if he plays a sport and he took it as an invite to do it and asked when we're going. I told him I was asking his opinion but sure, we could do it anytime, just to let me know. He says...

"I totally will... You're totally fun to hang out with. I mean, my boy Shawn loves ya so you must be cool haha"

I say... "so you need your friend to see how awesome I am? jk!"

He says... "But of course I need approval ha ha jk" (what does he need approval for?)

And then invites me over his house that night (Is he just trying to get laid? We do many other things then just sex and I'm usually the one to initiate)

I say "I'll be there in spirit" and he says "your spirit doesn't talk" ... I guess he likes me more than just for sex? Going crazy about this guy so please give me any opinions!
Saw him again and again he said how he likes hanging out with me, etc. He asked if I thought his friend was cute again. He told me about his past relationships and how girls left him sometimes for other guys, do you think he's testing me with his friend?


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  • If this guy doesn't really want you just for sex he would have other plans along with you hangout other places go to the park..watch movies..things like that..you can't assume if he really likes you too..but better control the sex part you don't want to be used and abused on the latter part..take your time and test him and know if his serious about you or just want you for fun..as for the asking part the guys that left you are total jerks

    • i think he does but if your not that type of girl then don't take that bait..tell him you like to know him more also..spend more time knowing each other good luck =)

    • Thanks, I did tell him that I don't think we should have sex if we're not dating and he was cool with it. I don't mind later down the road just not at the moment because I want to know his true intentions. I kept questioning why he was asking about his friend so I hope he takes the hint that I'm not interested and just leave that subject alone. :)

    • your on the right track then..just be cautious about his actions towards you..after taking things slow you will know if his a real deal or not =)

  • He said jk which means he was kidding. You shouldn't take it seriously. I can't answer if he's trying to get laid because I don't know him but if you're friends and already had sex I'm sure he wouldn't mind having more sex.

    • pfft! If you're going crazy for the guy and have already had sex grow a pair of balls (yeah I know you're a girl lol) and ask him if you two are exclusively seeing each other and nobody else. I know women expect the guy to ask questions like that but if it's already gone this far it's best to ask him where he stands so that you know what's going on and don't get hurt.

    • hahaha I wanted to give it one more time hanging out and not have sex with him and feel it out before I make things awkward before asking. We're def not exclusive I know that but have the potential to be. Every guy says just to ask but every time I've asked a guy they run away :(

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