I like hanging out with you... what does this mean?

Texting a guy friend of mine who I recently slept with... I ask him if he plays a sport and he took it as an invite to do it and asked when we're going. I told him I was asking his opinion but sure, we could do it anytime, just to let me know. He says...

"I totally will... You're totally fun to hang out with. I mean, my boy Shawn loves ya so you must be cool haha"

I say... "so you need your friend to see how awesome I am? jk!"

He says... "But of course I need approval ha ha jk" (what does he need approval for?)

And then invites me over his house that night (Is he just trying to get laid? We do many other things then just sex and I'm usually the one to initiate)
+1 y
I say "I'll be there in spirit" and he says "your spirit doesn't talk" ... I guess he likes me more than just for sex? Going crazy about this guy so please give me any opinions!
+1 y
Saw him again and again he said how he likes hanging out with me, etc. He asked if I thought his friend was cute again. He told me about his past relationships and how girls left him sometimes for other guys, do you think he's testing me with his friend?
I like hanging out with you... what does this mean?
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