Are we doomed? I remind him of his ex?

I look like his ex, we apparently have the same interests and personality quirks. They were together for four years and then she left him due to religious reasons and her family not liking him (due to religious reasons). He said he met me and he's falling hard but his mind is getting scrambled because I am like her and he's tried not to think about her for years, he's been having one night stands and not getting into anything serious. He said its like I just took his dreams walked out of them. He wants a serious relationship with me, at the same time, he's trying to separate the two of us in his mind. Its confusing the heck out of him. He is terrified I will walk away from him before he gets it together. He said its like he is almost getting absecind chance and doesn't want to screw it up, but he also realizes I am a different person.
Are we doomed? I remind him of his ex?
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