Is he just going back to his ex because he knows he can't have me?


I have this friend at work and we are really close. We first met when we are both in relationships with other people.

I thought he was cute and over time my attraction towards him became wrong and was starting to go too far so I pulled away from are friendship out of respect for my boyfriend and my friends girlfriend.

He was asking about me and my boyfriend one day and then he just told me but him and his girlfriend broke up as if it was something he had to tell me even though it's not my business and it wasn't really relevant. He waited 3 months to tell me but they had broken up.

Everytime we work together he's super happy about it and will try and talk to me loads. We are really good friends and get on really well so it's hard to ignore him.

He told me about why he broke up with his girlfriend and it sounded like she was a little controlling and emotionally abusive with him. Just seems so strange but someone as attractive as him has such low self-esteem and doesn't realise he's really attractive and his girlfriend isn't really that attractive if I'm honest.

Whilst they'd broke up he went abit depressive even though he said he was happy about the break up and wanted to live life etc. He came to me for someone to vent to. I was still pretty stand offish with him because I know I have a thing for him.

Next thing I know he's back with his ex after from what it sounds like she tracked him down on tinder after realising no one else was gonna put up with her shit.

I told him before he got back with her that he was a really nice, handsome lad and he could get a nice girl if he wanted and he said he couldn't get the girl he wanted whatever that means.

I got a little scared because I wasn't sure if he was referring to me. There definitely Is a strong bond between us but I'm trying to turn into a stister, brother kind of relationship not a will they won't they situation

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He really likes my boyfriend too and really wants to be his friend to but I've been honest with my boyfriend about how Im attracted to this other guy abit and I think he doesn't like him for that reason. I think he respects but I'm in a relationship and I'm happy and he knows I'm treated well and doesn't want to ruin that for me because he is secretly loves me and wants the best for me as fucked up as that may sound
Is he just going back to his ex because he knows he can't have me?
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