Does my ex want to get back together or is he playing mind games with me?

Sorry - I've got a a long story. So my ex and I broke up 2 months ago - we were together for 8 months. Before our break up, he felt like he needed more space to himself, as well before our break up, he wasn't sure if he wanted to break up because he didn't want to regret breaking up with me like his previous ex (whom he decided he wasn't over yet which lead to our breakup).

So when we finally broke up, he insisted on being friends. Being the softy I am, I agreed. It was so difficult because we're in the same program and in ALL the same lectures and labs. When I would go to lunch alone, he would somehow, some way find me though just ask to sit there and not talk. When I was with friends for lunch, he might join us (we have mutual friends) and my friends noticed he would essentially squish me as I kept moving over.

So a month into out break up (where I'm still upset but I know I need to just move on), he told me he missed me, he still really liked me, he was still attracted to me, that he still wanted to be together but needed more time, that he felt we would get back together one day. Then he asked me if I was still waiting for him - and being the softy idiot I am, I answered yes without thinking. Then he just held me and kissed me on the forehead.

We haven't talked about it since last month, and I don't know what is going on anymore. Between now and then, we've hung out a few times. We took his nieces to a movie and he asked me to hang out with him after. Every couple days he would just randomly text something. He asked me over to his house for dinner at his parents place. He called to let me know he was going to pick me up the other day (we were going to hang out), and he thought I sounded sad and I said I wasn't, I was just getting sick and when I got into the car, he gave me cough drops. When he knew I was leaving to head home for the holidays, when I saw him, he kissed me goodbye (on the lips) which really threw me off my game. When we've hung out, either I'll pay for the whole meal or he will - when I try to pay him back, he always says that if I'm his friend then don't give him money.

I really don't understand what he wants now cause some of the things he does is what you do with your gf, not friend. He wanted to break up. Now he acts like he sometimes wants to be around me and other times not. (Admittedly, he's a lot nicer after our break up than before because before he would just keep pushing me out of his life like he wanted me to just disappear). It's so strange though, it's like he can't decide or something. I know most guys would make a move for the girls they like, but how does it work with your exes cause I'm assuming the same rules don't apply here.

I'm also really wondering why he would ask me if I was still waiting for him cause other people have told me guys don't ask that question to their exes normally, especially if you don't intend to get back with her soon. Please help ~ I could really use some advice. Thanks :
Does my ex want to get back together or is he playing mind games with me?
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