When should you exchange numbers on a dating app?

I talked to a guy for a few months (texting and in person), and it didn’t go too well. Part of it was I liked him but didn’t feel romantic attraction, but this guy also was getting kind of clingy/manipulative and it was hard separating myself from the drama bc I was still feeling attached to him. And I’m also a relationship virgin, not as much as a cuddle, so I don’t have any healthy relationship experience to fall back on.

My therapist suggested bumble and so did a friend. I’ve been on for less than a week, but I’m enjoying getting matches/positive attention. I started talking to this guy yesterday and he gave me his # and snap, but I don’t really want to talk outside the app just yet. Just not sure if he should have my number or see my life on Snapchat just yet. We talked earlier. Today he told me I could text him but I was like that’s ok. I’ll ttyl. I don’t know if it’s normal to progress so quickly, but I don’t think I want to move so fast. Maybe I’m not ready for bumble? I don’t know. I’m just afraid of connecting too quickly to someone who’s not good for me.
1 y
I’m not getting rid of my therapist. While I’m naive about romance, I can spot a creep a hundred miles off. I really just needed people to tell me I wasn’t overreacting about not exchanging numbers bc I felt awkward. And don’t worry. I used the very little info I had on this guy to stalk his Facebook and relatives online.
11 mo
Update: I tried to arrange a date with a bumble guy who never showed and delete me from the app once I got to the meetup spot. Told my therapist about it, and he said he was just suggesting online dating and never really thought it was something I should do. So yeah. I recently got a new therapist. That seemed to have done the trick. Thanks, everyone!
When should you exchange numbers on a dating app?
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