He went out of town and didn't call :(

I met a guy about three weeks ago on a cruise and we really hit it off. We live a couple of states away but he initiated exchanging info and was the first to call. We've talked and/or texted just about every day and he asked if he could come visit, which he's doing next week. We've been getting along great and he's been very expressive about how excited he is about coming to see me. However, this week he went out of town to another state on an overnight trip but hasn't called the whole time he's been gone. He volunteered the detail he was going to visit family, but the fact that I haven't heard from him makes me wonder. How should I handle it? Should I say something about him not calling?


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  • Please just let the guy work up to it all. He didn't call because he's either trying to play hard to get, or he isn't sure about the situation. It doesn't mean he did crazy things on vacation, or doesn't like you, but a guy in his 30's or 40's (and I know) doesn't want to have restrictions or obligations to call someone they don't really know or have intense feelings for yet. It doesn't happen that fast. Yeah we're getting older, but that just makes the dating experience longer, because out of experience, we know what we're looking for.

    Don't stress out. He will call you. If not, give me a call...just joking. I wish you the best of luck, and just have a little patience.


    • Yeah, you're probably right. I'm not too far out from ending a 2 year relationship that I ended because he wasn't ready to move towards marriage (...after 2 years - did I say that part? - oh, and he's 46)...so I'm trying my best to not take the old 'drama' into new possibilities. By the way, this new guy is a LOT younger than me but he seems quite mature so far. I didn't want to take him seriously but he's been pretty persistent. Maybe I should just not for now until I see him 'walk the walk'.

  • No just let it go he has to explain let him tell you.


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