Is showing up unannounced a red flag?

I recently started dating a once to be close friend.

she's been showing up unannounced

E. g 1. I tell her I'm going to a certain spot and tell her she's free to join. She says she can't. Next thing I know she popped up and sitting with me on the table.

E. g 2 She said she's hanging out with her friend and we'll meet up another day. She called a couple of hours later asking if I want to join them and told her I'm having drinks with me friends and she could join and get her friend too. She said no and to have fun. An hour later she texts me saying she can't find where we're sitting. (Shes an introvert and has anxiety meeting new people, for her to show up and meet my friends is a big thing I guess)

Should I be worried?
Is showing up unannounced a red flag?
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