Should I text him and ask him how his weekend was?

I recently started emailing a guy that I met on a online dating site. We exchanged numbers and texted a few times. We talked on the phone on Saturday Night and he said that he will text me either on Sunday or Monday. He also said that it will probably be more like Monday because he will be very busy on Sunday. Well, he never texted me or called. Would it be OK to text him today and say something like: Just wondering how your extended weekend was? I want to let him know that I am interested in getting to know him but I don't want to seem desperate either.


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  • Hello,

    Ah, the old "I like them but don't want to seem desperate"

    wait for tomorrow then text him, my advice for everyone dating is JUST RELAX, sending a text is NOT as sign of been needy, a person is needy when your demending to be in contact with someone all the time, sending a text askign how someone's day has been is normal..

    just have fun and enjoy yourself..

    Good luck



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  • I think that would be fine, but if he does not answer, let it go. If he answers but it is a weak response that basically requires you to keep things moving, let it go.Honestly, a guy who is this lukewarm is unlikely to turn into anything more.

    I found online dating to be frustrating because a guy really does need to see you and have a strong physical attraction in order to spur him on to have the full energy to keep up contact or basically chase the girl. Online dating never panned out for me. Either I met the guy and he was nothing like I expected, or he just did not have enough interest in me to keep it going. However, I have friends who say they know someone who did well with online dating. Good luck!

    • "If he answers but it is a weak response that basically requires you to keep things moving" - this is the problem I have with texts, everyone says "dont read to much into them", yet everyone does, a weak text response is only weak in the mind of the reader, not always in the mind of the sender.

    • Texting is weak in and of itself. I can tell you from experience that a guy who doesn't follow through with his promises, especially something as simple as texting, is not interested other than to have you on the back burner or unable to be honest and tell you he is not interested. When a guy is interested, sneaking in a few texts, even on a busy Sunday, is really just not difficult.