Doesnt pull away, yet doesn't kiss back.....i don't get it?

right before this she has been leaning in towards me, facing me the whole time (I know my body language) so I finally go in for the kiss, doesn't flinch look away or anything and it wasn't one of those fast or sneaky kisses either so she had time to but didn't and also didn't kiss back... at all. girls what do you make of this?


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  • Well I don't know what happened after that (what was said about it between you two) but there's two things I could see having happened there.

    1, She's not sure if she really wants to make out with you but sort of thinks about it so when the time came she just sort of froze up

    2, she's just that terrible of a kisser. And believe me it could be as simple as that. I had a girlfriend and she was a horrible kisser who was always asking me to kiss her. When I did, she did next to nothing back, I might as well have been kissing a blow up doll. If you're going to kiss her more and you really can't stand her not doing anything, you'll have to tell her. Don't ask me how to do that though, I have no idea there.

    • well I leaned back gave her a confused look trying to figure her out and she just giggled and say what?. also I have never tried anything with her before this

    • yeah, she's a bad kisser. Like ^^^^ says, Try starting out really soft next time. Then gradually get more and more passionate with it. And if she still does nothing, say something (but don't be mean about it, try sounding helpful or something, idk)

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  • She probably wasn't expecting a kiss from you. Simple as that..sounds like these are the first couple of times you've been with her..So I doubt she expected anything physical yet..which is probably why she froze.

    I'm sure she'll come around next time;)


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  • Possibilities are:

    1) Wasn't so sure of the kiss--She may like you but wasn't fully ready for a kiss yet but did not want to pull back in case it would hurt you

    2) Bad kisser

    I'd try one more time after the next date, softer this time. If she still doesn't kiss back, try putting a little space before the next attempt.