Would you date a bi-sexual person?

There's a slight chance i probably would date a bi-girl, just don't fucking cheat on me and do shit behind my back, whether that be with a girl, just fucking don't lol.

Some dudes will tolerate their bi-partner making out with another girl (s) since it's a girl so it doesn't bother them much. I on the other hand do tolerate that. You much rather just stay single then and live a swinger life and make out with who you want, but don't do that shit when in a relationship lol

Also girls/women will less likely date a bi-guy, that's a fact. Call it double standards i guess I don't know 😂
Yes, it don't matter if he/she is bi
No, they are more likely to cheat
No, i rather just date the opposite sex
I'm not sure
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A PeRSon BeIng Bi doesn't MaKE ThEM LesS LiKElY To Be LOyaL


For you easily triggered human beings. I added that option because there are really people who think that way, not because I THINK THAT WAY. I literally just threw it in there for the heck of it.

Mind you however, i did get cheated on by a bi girl who did shit with another girl.
Does that make me believe all bi people are like that? NOOOOOO

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For those that go into other people their comments to talk shit because you got butthurt over someone's opinion will get BLOCKED.

If you have an opinion, comment your own, don't go into other people their opinion to talk shit. Unless you keep it calm and collective, then do so. But as soon as i notice you talk shit, i will block yo ass.

Would you date a bi-sexual person?
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