Ghosting: A cowardly way not to face confrontation or a reasonable way to avoid confrontation?

Ghosting: A cowardly way not to face confrontation or a reasonable way to avoid confrontation?
Is it better being honest and responsible and face the issue or is it better to ghost the person and zero explanations? No explanation no reason to give that person being ghosted, you just did it period.

If you have a connection with a person for years, would you ghost them in a matter of weeks?

When I say connection, I mean you know that person for 4 years and he/she is your casual friend, but he was into you and had been on dinner or lunch dates before and had a great time together and even had sex twice. But in a matter of 3 weeks that person ghosted you with no motive or reason.

There were no hints or red flags before the ghosting that can make the person being ghosted think there was something wrong between you and him so you could understand the could be a reason for that person to ghost you, in fact things were going good even as casual friends, but suddenly the person just decided to stop communicating with you.

For example, you 2 went on a nice lunch date, you both laugh, talked, (like any other date you had in the past) and after the date you went to the person place, had some coffee together and end up having sex (the second time it happened). Days after this date, like one week after, you both exchanged texts and you both spoke of meeting each other again at an upcoming local beach trip in the man was invited by the lady´s cousins. He was looking forward to seeing her as he indicated her that at the trip, he wanted to have some fun.

She responded that text just like 5 days later he sent it. So when you responded her and mention something about the upcoming trip, a normal conversation like you both used to have, his last words to her over text were “Ok we will see or talk each other”, after he replied that , he blocked her, therefore days after he simply stopped communicating with her, no reason or explanation for the blocking either. Since he stopped communicating with her, that is the meaning of ghosting anyway.
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After he blocked her 2 weeks later the lady and the guy saw each other again by surprise, unexpectedly at the house of the lady’s cousin for a BBQ birthday he was invited, the lady was not aware of it of him being invited. The guy and the lady greeted each other normally with a kiss on the cheek but the guy at any moment of the celebration talked to her and mentioned her why he did what he did, he never brought the subject to her, he behaved like nothing happened. He was a little distant though
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that day but it was because he was mingling with other people at the party, at times he even joked with her just a little bit and briefly.
I mean they knew for 4 years they never had issues before, they went out to dates together and even the guy had been present at family events with her family in those 4 years, and just in a matter of 3 weeks after their last good lunch date and sex, he decided to stop communicating with her, no explanation to her why he behaved like that.
Ghosting: A cowardly way not to face confrontation or a reasonable way to avoid confrontation?
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