What is the alternative to ghosting?

I gave a guy my number and we texted for a few days. But I didn’t like anything about him, mostly because he criticized me a lot and kinda talked down to me. I also just couldn’t stand his personality in general and had no attraction to him at all.

So I stopped responding to his messages and he hasn’t texted anything else in about 4 days. I’m fine with not communicating with him anymore, but now I’ve been feeling guilty about the way I handled it.

I know ghosting isn’t a good thing, but I just didn’t know what to say to him to explain it. Should I really have gone into telling him all the things that I dislike about him and why I don’t want to text with him anymore?

Would that have been better? That just seems like it would have been such an awkward conversation and a bit rude also.
What is the alternative to ghosting?
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