Tinder girl flaked date, how to proceed?

Tinder girl flaked our date. We made arrangements and I messaged 10 minutes after arriving time saying I've arrived and she responded with 'arrived? X' I then said 'yeah at the cargo x' followed by another text 10 minutes later sayings her name. She then said 'ok?' I then said 'are you not coming?' She then said 'what' and then I said 'we arranged to meet up here at 7:30 remember' which I'm guessing she is now ignoring.
How to proceed apart from no contact, meaning if she comes back what to do?

Again this type of behaviour literally enforcing the hate I had gotten rid of towards women. I just can't be fucking asked anymore. Girls are more mature my fucking dick hole.
Tinder girl flaked date, how to proceed?
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