Why did my date unmatch me on Tinder?

I met a guy on Tinder for a coffee date. An hour into the date, he said it was really nice to meet me and hoped I thought the same. He asked me on another date there and then. We played pool the next evening - he even moved around his plans to accomodate me. We both said it was the best date we'd both had in a long time. He said he had to go to a bday party and we agreed to meet up later in the evening. He couldn't leave the bar he was at because he was at a bday party and I didn't want to leave mine, so I went to his house after bars closed. Obviously, we slept together. He told me he liked me and how he doesn't bother saying that to many people, etc. He knows I like him too. When at first I didn't want to sleep with him, he said we'll see each other again anyway, so it's not a big deal.

The next morning, he walked me to my bus and said it was really nice and said we'll speak in a little while. When I got home, I saw he unmatched me on Tinder. (although we have contact by phone/text message, not on Tinder anymore). But still, I thought that was kinda weird... I mean yea, I'll continue talking to other guys too until we are "exclusive", but I see no point in deleting him... I got kinda disappointed..


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  • I don't see what was wrong with unmatching you. Maybe he got rid of tinder all together or thought it was irrelevant due to you two already having a means of contact. Does he still text/talk to you?

    • But why would he bother doing it then? I *really* doubt he deleted his profile and the app because we talked about our experiences with Tinder etc and he said how many people he was talking to, so it's most likely that he unmatched me. I only got home from his place a few hours ago and I know he's out with his buddies, so it's too soon to say if we still have contact... he did say that he appreciates honestly and if he's not interested or if a girl isn't interested, it's better to just say it right out. And he said we'd see each other again.. but I don't know.. weird :/

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    • All the better.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Sounds like he used you as a fuck toy. He got in your pants and then unmatched you afterwards. Doesn't seem like this guy is too serious about anything. I know you're going to find that hard to believe because he had told you he liked you and actually showed general interest in who you wer. But him unmatching you directly afterwards is a huge sign. Almost like he's using tinder as his sex site. "Well I already fucked that one, let's unmatch her so she doesn't keep showing up." He has your number. Wait it out. I could be wrong but this guy seems to have used you.

  • Maybe he deleted his tinder?

  • Moral of the story. Don't pay out too soon!


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