This girls seems like she likes me, but she never has time to hang out?

I don't really know what to do with this girl. She has been sending a lot of very mixed messages. We started talking a couple months ago and like the second time I talked to her she basically asked me to ask her to formal. So I did. She also said she expects me to ask her to spring formal as well.

We went to formal about 3 weeks ago and we had a lot of fun at it. But she kept apologizing for being such a bad date for various reasons, I reassured her she was fine and that I was having a lot of fun. She also apologized for not being able to make it to anything ever. She is incredibly busy with school and other stuff so I understand her not being able to make much, but formal was the first thing she was able to make since we started talking. If she really liked me you would think she would make the time to hang out with me more.

The following week I asked her to the movies but she couldn't make it...with that I got really sick and tired of constantly being turned down even though she told me she really does want to go out but can never make it. She told me to keep inviting her to stuff at formal but I fed up with it so I basically didn't talk to her for 2 weeks. Every time I asked her to something she would say you must think I am the biggest loser in the world and that she is really sorry.

Last week was exam week and she gets very stressed out about studying. Me and my friend saw her in the common room studying so we went in to say hi and she said she would love to talk but she has too much work to do. Then she almost broke down crying and said that she already had a mental breakdown earlier and we said she was fine and we left. She then texted me and apologized for how she acted and asked if I would go out with her the next night after her exams were over.

I texted her the next day and told me to text me if she was doing anything and wanted me to go. She said she was going to a bar with her friend and I told her to text me when she was going there but she never texted me. So I got really pissed off about that because she asked me to go, so why bring it up if you don't want to hang out. I saw her the next day and she said she didn't see me at the bar, I apologized and said that I had an exam early that morning and couldn't make it out that night which was true.

But I really don't know what to do at this point. I really do like this girl, and it seems like she likes me but I'm not sure if she literally can never find the time or she actually doesn't like me...I mean why bring up hanging out at the bar if she wasn't interested? Why bring up formal if she wasn't interested? But every time she can't make it to something it just makes me think how can she like me if she never makes the effort to actually hang out with me.


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  • From what you've just said I believe she really does like you! Very much so don't worry .. Like me she's just too nervous to go on dates outside of school all one on one ! So my advice is just get clOser to her at school ask if she wants to hang out before school starts or get to know her friends and show her to yours and go double datinng or just hang out with each other in large groups :) ha ha that's what my last boyfriend did and I got much comfortable with him to go on one one dates. Goodluck and best wishes! Or if none of the above work surprise her- visit her house to ask her to hangout with no plans :D ofcourse invite your friends as well as hers if possible she may just be lazy !


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  • Went to something similar, at least she is trying by saying she is sorry for not having time for you. I think she might have someone else in her life. Have you tried seeing if she is seeing someone else behind your back?

  • She either doesn't have anyone else to go to formal and knows you don't have anyone either. She wants to be nice and seem interested in you so you will go with her to formal so she has someone.