Does she like me and if so how do I ask her to hang out with me alone?

So there is this one girl in one,in one of my lectures. I talked to her once briefly in class and that was it. So a few weeks ago a buddy of mine formed a study group for our exam and she was in it. So right from when we meet that day we, got into a conversation. Her best friend was also there but instead she got into a conversation with me from the start, and through out the time we also got into other discussions on ideas and political view and we are very similar. So this guy in my study group gets a call from his mom, and this girl is friends with him for a while, so she was teasing him by saying stop partying and start studying, so his parents will hear it. I am kind of guy who speaks my mind, so I said " I hate when people do that" and went on to say, a friend of mine who is a girl once made inappropriate comments when I was talking to my girl friend and it eventually lead to our break up. So she went on to say that might make her jealous too. But than she came back to the topic and asked me how long ago this happened? and she followed by asking if I was seeing any one know? Too which I responded no, and said I am focusing on school. So this lead me to believe that she might like me.The next day we meet up to study again and to of us came early so we went for lunch. So that time she, mentioned she could not get any studying done last night, because she was texting this one guy who she is seeing (in a very casual tone). but during the lunch she was very engaged in the conversation, where as I was being slightly aloof intentionality. So yesterday I saw her in school and I asked if she was free after class today so we can hang out and she said she has a class right after ours, so I asked her if she was free next week after class which she said she was (in a very relaxed way). Today I did not go to class because I was sick. So I asked her on chat what happened and she was like yes I noticed you were not there. Than we went on to talk about music and other stuff we enjoy. towards end of the convo I asked her if were still on for Tuesday and she said "u can have lunch with us we got a break so your welcome to eat with us". I was hoping it would be just us.When said we, I think she referred to a friend of her who she always hangs out with after that class. So I need advice on 2 things could she be interested in me (considering she is seeing some one else), if so how can I ask her to hang out with me with out her friends around.
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I also asked one of her guy friends, about her and he said that he thinks she is starting to see some one, but if I liked her I should go for her.
Does she like me and if so how do I ask her to hang out with me alone?
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