Guys never show interest in me?

I am super sad and depressed. I am 24 and guys never show interest in me. I've also never had a boyfriend before or dated. I've tried showing interest in a few guys but they never were interested in me back. Why am I so cursed? I feel forever alone and that no guys ever like me, I am always ignored and unnoticed by men. I thought by now, I would have had a relationship at my age but no guys ever seem to want me. It's like I am a guy repellant. I don't even get catcalled thats how much I go unnoticed by men. And before someone asks, I am not fat. I am 5'5 and weigh 127 lbs. I am extremely worried that I will be 30 and still be single. I am tired of crying in my room at night over this... I don't know what is making guys not be interested in me?
Guys never show interest in me?
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