Why do guys never show interest in me?

Ok just to start off. I know guys are not the most important thing and there are other issues that are far more important but it does make me feel a little sad anyway when guys literally pay attention to EVERYONE but me. So for the sake of getting real/relevant responses I'm going to be honest. I have been told by many people that I am very pretty/beautiful. I know it myself too (again not to come off as arrogant I just really want an answer). But no guy has ever confessed feelings for me/shown interest in me or anything like that. I am smart, friendly and very funny (I don't mean to sound entitled but I just don't understand why. Am I doing something wrong?) Here's an example (with fake names) : I (let's call me Jemma) really liked this guy (Steve) last year and I worked up the courage to go over and talk to him with my friend (Anna) . So the three of us became friends and started hanging out and stuff but later, my other friend (Emma), who is also good friends with the guy was texting him and she sent me the screenshots. This is basically the conversation but in my own words

Steve: I really like Anna. I wish I could hang out with her alone
Emma: But what about Jemma?
Steve: Jemma's great and all and she's hilarious and fun to be around but I like Anna.
Anna is cute right?
Emma: Uhh something like that yeah

See the thing is WHY DIDN'T HE NOTICE ME? If he were going by looks then emma agrees he would have liked me so what is going on? ahahaha I'm not salty at all
Why do guys never show interest in me?
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