She is incredibly boring to text. Do most girls act like this?

Well I am usually really good at talking to girls and I never have a problem reading them and knowing what to say. Anyways I met this girl at this party and I knew right away that I liked her. I went right up to her and we clicked so well. I knew that she was into me and when we were talking and dancing ect in person, I could tell that she was digging me. I got her number and what not but it turns out she lives over an hour away. I have still been talking to her over text but we haven't been able to hand out yet. The only problem is this: she is incredibly boring to text. She doesn't really give a lot to talk about in her texts and it's weird because I know she was into me. She is super talkative and outgoing but she starts sending these messages that are a pain to respond to. I always keep the conversation going smooth but it's getting annoying.

If you are into a guy, will you almost act boring to see if he will keep trying to talk to you to see if he is into you?


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  • Hi :)

    I think she either 1. Doesn't like to text (some people don't) 2. Maybe she thinks YOUR boring 3. She's busy most of the time and doesn't have the time to send long replies. Or 4. She's not interested.

    Maybe at the party she was interested, but then later found out that you two live over an hour away, and lost interest. She could be giving you hints.. & I send short replies if I'm busy or not interested. Try calling her so then at least you guys will have something to talk about when texting:)


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  • Sounds to me that maybe she's either playing games with you or that she really likes you and is trying to make you like her but it is coming off as boring because she is scared you won't like the "real" her and she is just scared to be herself. Either way I can tell you really like her and you shoul just ask her about it yourself.

    • Or she knows me too well and she knows that doing what she's doing will get my attentions haha.

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    • Tell me about it! Like when I am with the girl, I can read her eyes and I know what she's really feeling. It's so much better.

    • Exactly! It's the samething for me when I'm with guys you can look in a guys face and just know how he feels about you on the phone you can't tell. My last boyfriend never wanted to see me and just wanted to talk on the phone which made me feel bad like he didn't really care about me. ughh, phones are just useless.

  • if I like a guy I would definitely not act boring. It's obvious I would try to get his attention and to like me too. If she's acting boring then it's because maybe your making her bored and she's slowly losing interest in you when she's getting to know you a bit more.

    • Okay let me clarify, she isn't acting like a boring person; but she will just send a boring text once in a while. It's not all the time but we will be talking and she will send a text back that is super lame. It's not that she is coming off as a boring person, but rather just a boring text once in a while. What pisses me off most is that no matter what she's doing- its getting my attention.

  • Never. No way. I do the opposite, to make sure I don't drive him away.

    Had she been drinking at the party?

    • yea same^

    • No she was sober. I can usually tell with girls but this one has got me thinking.

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