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How should I know if she sees me just as a friend?

There is this girl I know for about 2 years, I always liked her, even though I have never told her, I am pretty sure she already knows. She is really really shy, but some how I managed to become good friends with her, we even have a blog together, which was her idea (I'd say that was her only "approach" toward me). I've tried to flirt with her a few times, however she would just say thanks and try to change the subject, she also hardly ever starts a conversation, besides when she needs something from me (I'd say this part is due from her being really shy). I know I am not much attractive and probably not her type (maybe I am the one who is good to marry, but not good to date), still we spend a lot of time together and we like about the same things, people say I am really funny, but it seems she laughs easily with anyone besides me.

The thing is, is there any thing I can do to get a hint if she sees me as just a friend or as a possible romantic partner?
How should I know if she sees me just as a friend?
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