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My 'boyfriend' can't afford to take me on an actual date?

So I reconnected with this guy from high school and he's great it's just he's broke. He quit his job previously because he planned on moving to Florida before he met me, now he's staying and looking for a job so he can get his own place ( from his mom) and everything.

We'll hang out at parks, go walking, he has similar interests as me, he even made dinner for me one day. I like it all and he's really verbal about how he feels about me, he's kind, treats me well, etc. I dont want to seem ungrateful but I also don't want to always go over to his place and watch movies nor do I want to feel like I'm just a sex object or someone not worthy of doing more than just basic stuff with.

I'm considering ending the relationship.
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The point of this post is to get actual helpful advice. Let's not act like I'm the bad guy and paint him as a picture perfect guy because of this post. I just don't want to end up dating someone for their potential, what could be. I am not responsible for his happiness nor am I there to be a motivator or anything else that he should be for himself
My 'boyfriend' can't afford to take me on an actual date?
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