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Am I being mistreated at work?

I am a very quiet person, yet, for some reason I always attract drama at the work place. I swear I’m cursed, I’m always alone and don’t get why people always like to pick at me. There were two women, one mostly, that went out of her way to be petty & catty towards me at work. The other one, she likes to make passive aggressive remarks about other people. Unfortunately, I was one of them. Now, my boss is going out of his way to make my life difficult. He requested that I call a student last week Friday before leaving the office and I didn’t. I clocked out and shortly after, he sends a text stating that he wants to speak with me on Tuesday (today). Now, he sends a message to our general channel & asks that everyone reply to indicate that we read his message. However, myself & two other people did not reply to his message. Yet, he replies to his own message & types my name, wanting to confirm that I read his message. However, two other people didn’t either so why aren’t they being singled out? I am waiting to find another job & put in my notice ASAP.
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Am I being mistreated at work?
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