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Is attraction voluntary/controlled or involuntary?

We speak of things like racial reference vs. racism, homosexuality vs. sexism, etc. So, if a woman is only attracted to men does that mean she is voluntarily being sexist or that it's involuntary and she feels only led to like men? If a man prefers women of another race besides his own, does that mean he's racist or voluntarily excluding his own or that it's just what he likes and he has no control over that? (same if he excluded a race that wasn't his own so you get the picture)
This also leads into how some people say the "standards are too high." Obviously these people who say this tend to be the ones who are seen as unattractive. So consider that so many different types of people find this one person unattractive yet go with others who some would say are actually less attractive than that first one.
And I bring this up to say that the hypocrisy is real in this. Many people will criticize someone they want to be with simply for that person rejecting them due to something like not being physically attracted to his/her race, but when it comes to them, such as their sexual orientation, then all of a sudden it's a different story.

If the answer is more along the lines of being open-minded, then how open-minded is too open-minded?
Attraction is voluntary. People just choose what they "want to want."
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Attraction is voluntary. What you're attracted to is somewhat, maybe mostly, determined by what you've been exposed to.
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It's involuntary. We can't help what we're attracted to.
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Is attraction voluntary/controlled or involuntary?
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