How do you weed out time wasters online?

Hi all, how do you know when somebody is wasting your time early on in the dating stages and what should you do about it? Im finding in near impossible at the moment to get a date, even a virtual one! All men appear to want to do is chat online without ever taking it to the next level. There are also men who initiate conversation and then disappear for days on end, sometimes for a week. I'm not sure how to handle those kind of men. Should I just assume that life got busy for them and reply normally only to then have them disappear on me again? Im scratching my head here because I dont want to overreact but also not hearing from someone within one or two days, especially at such early stages (later on when things are more established this would be fine for me) is confusing for me and I dont know how to handle it. Any suggestions please? Thanks
How do you weed out time wasters online?
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