Does this guy just want casual sex or an actual date with something more?

Kind of talking to someone who I wasn’t sure was looking for something casual by our conversation, but he started picking out different sweet or fun date ideas lol. Initially we were supposed to go on a date, but I called it off due to personal things going on in my life last week. We haven’t really spoken too much, maybe due to my lack of communication and he started mirroring me lol. He actually stopped msging me for 3 days, which was weird. Last evening, on Snapchat, he put up a story of him and another girl carving a pumpkin... typically people take it badly, don’t do anything, or get mad... but I’m the opposite, I can be confident and extra because I directly commented on that picture stating “That’s cute. But it woulda been cutier with me 😏” 😂🙃 He message me this morning, “That’s my sister. You should have asked to stab a pumpkin. I’m over here just waiting to do some cute stuff with you 🤷and pick up some new shoes and pants ” (the last part is a semi joke because he always tell me I look stylish and can be a designer by my taste). I was busy throughout the day catching up with friends from out of city. So I finally replied late afternoon I was down, what days he is thinking of, and if the date goes well I’ll help with clothes/shoes 😂 He replied back stating he’s busy most days but can make some time on the weekend. Asked if I wanted a cute or pumpkin date. He also added a really seductive joke about pants and shoes 😂😅 I’m so confuse... does he actually want a real date or just looking for casual sex? Because it sounds like he would wanna make time by choosing weeekend > weekday yet wanna do something cute, fun together... but he added something sexy as well. So I’m a lost kitty 🙃 Any good advices will help, so I know what I’m doing in these type of situations 😂😅
Does this guy just want casual sex or an actual date with something more?
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