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Are American women the most clingiest women in the planet?

I was watching one of my favorite childhood classic the other day and that was Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. nostalgia hit me so hard that I decided to download the soundtrack on Apple Music.

I was listening to it all day at work today and that song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz and of course now that I'm an adult I started to analyze and understand its lyrics. obviously the lyrics explain how he finds American women extremely repulsing do to their clingy nature. if you want you can listen to the song right here...of course this song is not originally his, it is a cover of that English band The Guess Who originally written in the 60s. this version was also in the movie...so in conclusion I agree with the lyrics of this song 110%. growing up in America all my life I have noticed that American women...

  • are extremely clingy
  • love to rush into marriage
  • have a tendency of becoming stalkers
  • think one night of sex or simply flirting or hit on is an automatic precursor to a relationship
very few women where I'm originally from are actually like this. I actually give dating a chance whenever I visit my native country because women down their are flexible, respect boundaries and dont see dating and hookups as a precursor to an entitled relationship. they instead see it as leisure activity. I also spoken to a lot of my European buddies who have told me the same about their women and even some women from these places exhibit themselves.

till why are American women so damn clingy?
Are American women the most clingiest women in the planet?
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