How do I keep this man interested? Males perspective wanted?

I just typed a super long question and somehow it got deleted and I’m so sad so I’m gonna keep this a lot less detailed and more to the point but basically this whole past year I’ve lost a ton of weight and my self confidence has been the best it ever has and I’ve been going down an excellent career path and have wonderful friends in my life and I feel like everything is truly great and I haven’t actively been really looking for a guy since my breakup in January and it’s been fine! I’ve just been chilling and then this man pops up in my life from my past, talked to him when I was like 17, hardly remember why we stopped talking, nothing that was a big deal but anyways we started talking, he is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen in my life like so perfect, personality wise too, we have a lot in common, our chemistry is very good and so is the romance aspect of it and he’s very passionate but the problem is, every time we hang, we end up hooking up at the end of the night. I don’t want to stop hooking up with him because I genuinely don’t want to jump into dating right now anyways, but I also don’t want him to think I’m a hoe and like just treat me like some hook up. Which he doesn’t, he’s very respectful to me and literally called me “his girl” and has called me baby and babe and not in a fuckboy way either cuz usually I cringe at that but it actually gave my tummy the 🦋 feeling which I hate, gross lol.. feelings. But genuinely I’d love to see where it goes with this man, don’t wanna lose him by scaring him off with bringing emotions into this, he just recently got out of a relationship also and I’m totally fine w it staying at this level for now until we’ve gotten to know each other more. But how do I keep him on his toes? Keep him interested and not just seem like I’m another hoe?
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I don’t wanna come to my friends with these questions and seem annoying because most of my friends are in relationships or just date very seriously and I feel like they don’t understand hooking up and stuff like that. Which is fine, but I come on here for that reason so please help hahaha
How do I keep this man interested? Males perspective wanted?
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