Do depressed partners come back eventually?

My boyfriend (28M) broke up with me (25F) because he's depressed and confused about what he's doing in life.

Even though we still love each other, my boyfriend broke up with me because he's not in a great mental space and he doesn't want to drag me along. He think's he's a little depressed because he's not sure what he's doing in life and just zoning out with the world, he says he has no motivation to talk or deal with anyone.

He's also considering on transferring work to his hometown and possibly get a house.

We've spoken about our long term future a lot before and we want the same things- get a house, settle down and I said if we both know we want the same things, what's stopping him from pursuing our relationship further and he said he really doesn't know and he's confused about a lot of things. I even asked him if maybe deep down, he does want those things but just not with me/ I love him more than he loves me and he said he doesn't think its that. He just feels numb and confused.

He can't apply to transfer to his hometown until January and he said if he gets out of his rut and decides he does want to stay, he'll let me know. For now, we're fully broken up and both doing our own thing, I said i'll be there for him if need be, but I'm not holding out for him if he decides on not moving.

Do you think there's a possibility of us getting back together? Also, what's stopping him from keeping the relationship if he knows we both want the same thing long term?
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I sent him a voice message on WhatsApp, but he hasn’t even listened to it. He’s been online since but now he’s ignoring me. Why would he ignore me if we ended things on good terms? I know he needs to be alone, but I’m just worried he’s struggling by himself
Do depressed partners come back eventually?
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