Has anybody experienced jungle fever?

Im just curious has anybody had jungle fever? Have you dated outside your race? what's it like? I think I might have it as well


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  • Yeah , I have always dated white or Hispanic/Latino women. Nothing against blacks just majority of them aren't attractive to me. Most of my experiences were pretty decent and good. Hispanic women are very affectionate and passionate from my experience, I was with only 5 Hispanics probably , so I can't say all of them are like that. Whites is quite similar but different and I love that. Most of my White ex's are Loyal and free spirited or just want to have a good time all the time. I'm the same or prefer that with my girlfriends, Just someone always trying to have fun and never lets things get her down =). Not saying whites are better then anyone or anything just in my experience I had fun times with whites in the past. I am open to all races just I have a preference or something to aim for in a woman =)


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  • Lol "Jungle Fever"? Seriously?

    • yea why?

    • I just think it's funny that you used that term. But to answer your question, No I haven't dated outside of my race (because I have never dated anyone before), but I am only attracted to white guys. So I guess I have always had jungle fever.

    • its not your fault I totally understand, I feel the same way too with white girls

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  • Ive been curious and attracted to black chicks occassionaly but never dated them.

    • u should

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    • well I'm still looking for that special black girl I guess who can make me never go back

    • lol

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