Meaning of 😳 emoji?

so I’ve been hanging out with this girl for a few months now and she is always down for when I want to hangout with her, and we haven’t officially been out on a date, but we’ve gone out to dinner and lunch a bunch, and she is super comfortable around me and she offered me food and shared dessert off of the same plate, which she usually is not one to eat or drink some of somebody’s food or drinks. So I thought it was time I ask her out cause I though maybe she likes me cause she wants to meet my family and I asked her out and said an official date, and she said “on a official date🤔😳” and I said “Yep! I really enjoy the time I’ve spent with you.” “And she put oh man i don’t know in a playful tone” and I put well you let me know the time and place with laughing emojis, and she said we’ll see with the laughing emojis. I’m still really confused did I get rejected or no and I don’t know what the emojis mean.
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She still texts me back when I text her, but sometimes it takes a while for a response so I’m wondering if she doesn’t like me
Meaning of 😳 emoji?
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